Are You Ready For Summer Hockey Camp?


Hockey camp reminds us that physical fitness is a critical piece to being a complete player. There is no way you will perform at your best if you are not physically fit.

Come to camp or step on the ice in less than top shape and you’ll quickly find your body doesn’t give you everything you ask from it. You’ll find that you don’t have the necessary energy to meet the intensity and challenges that are a part of elite hockey and the players that did prepare are always a step ahead of you.

The mental side of being physically fit means understanding the connection between how your body communicates with your muscles and emotions. Most players look the way they feel. If they’re up, you can see it in their posture and actions, if they’re down, tired, sleep-deprived, or not physically fit, they slump, droop, and drag. Coaches see this too. It’s why it’s easy to tell a person’s state of mind just by looking at the way they go about their activities.

During hockey camp, coaches are watching every player. Their on-ice performance, and how they handle adversity and carry themselves when they’re off the ice.

The complete player advances in hockey by controlling their emotions through their actions and behavior. Understand that when you commit to being physically fit you are helping pave the way to being mentally tough. A strong body builds a strong mind and a strong mind builds a strong body. The two are inseparable.

Kevin L. Willis, PhD
Sport Psychology Consultant
Performance Coach
Level 5 USA Hockey Coach

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