Best Game Ever - Part 3


Part-3 in my series of how to make sure your next game is your best game ever will take part-1 and part-2 and turn them into a confidence creation machine to make sure players are hitting on all cylinders and playing with high confidence every time they hit the ice.Today is the last day of my short series on how to play your best game ever.

The goal of this series is to show you some very simple, but powerful strategies that players can start using to improve their play and have more fun in hockey.

Day 1 we talked about the power of expectations and the impact they can have on a players game. We learned about the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of expectations and we learned how to do a better job managing them so they don’t derail your game.

Day 2 we talked about learning how to use your ABC’s to play your best, game after game, and develop a level of focus and consistency in your game that others can only dream about …

Today we’re going to wrap it up by talking about how to build the kind of confidence in a player that allows them to stand out and move up in hockey while others struggle on the confidence roller coaster.

Confidence is one of the most important factors to a player's overall success and today I want to show you how to turn expectations into confidence and watch their game soar.

Confidence is believing in yourself and your skills and ability to play hockey.

it comes from things like:

  • quality coaching and effective practices
  • success in games and practice
  • belief in your skills and ability
  • positive feedback from others

When a player is confident they just flat-out play better … you can tell when they’re confident because they FEEL, ACT, and LOOK confident.

They have confident thoughts, feelings, and actions

They see themselves as winners, they see themselves being successful

They have a positive mental attitude and use positive self-talk internally and externally with their teammates

Confident players feel a level of cockiness on the inside but show a calm, steely-eyed intensity on the outside

They have a ‘swagger’ that you just don't see in other players

Confident players can even be intimidating to others (even some coaches) … there’s just something about them that make others back off a little giving the confident player even more of an edge

Confidence is KEY, don’t forget that!

It’s one of the, if not THE, most important mental skills a player can have!

Hockey is a tough sport and that’s one of the things I love about it the most …

But sometimes the struggle and frustration that players feel can hold them back if they don’t know how to deal with it …

the things that make hockey tough are both mental and physical and while we spend a lot of time working on the physical parts of the game, unfortunately, we don’t spend near enough time working on the mental side of the game …

That's why I created the 30-Day Mental Toughness Challenge.

To give players an easy way to start adding mental toughness coaching to their game.

Starting today players can start adding important mental skills to their game and start learning strategies and skills to deal with the challenges in hockey that are sure to come up …

Learn about the inside secrets around confidence, focus, drive, determination, willpower, and grit that will improve your player's overall hockey development!?

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