Relentless Compete Level


Players with a competitive spirit and high compete level simply refuse to accept defeat. it goes beyond enduring a situation. It’s about throwing your heart and soul into the effort of defeating the challenge.

Relentless competitors ‘own’ the ice. Even those that haven’t yet developed elite skills own the ice; they make up for it with their competitive spirit. Some call it heart, some call it grit. Others just know they want that kind of player on their team.

Becoming a Complete Player – A competitive spirit is a powerful force in hockey. Some players are born with it, while others learn it along the way. Others had it, only to have it drilled out of them by those who didn’t understand just how important it was. Get it back! Boost your compete level. Reignite your competitive spirit using the strategies in The Relentless Player workbook. Part of The Complete Player Workbook Series.

Kevin L. Willis, PhD
Sport Psychologist
Peak Performance Coach
Level 5 USA Hockey Coach

Grit Compete-Level Toughness